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We currently have one opportunity available at Painted Dog.

We’ve got a super exciting future ahead and we’re looking for new talent to join our pack. If you have the drive and energy to succeed, then please apply! We are open to applications across Australia and will offer an attractive remuneration package in line with skills and experience.

Senior Market Researcher

In a nutshell.

We’re an agency like no other.  Starting as the challenger brand ten years ago, we quickly became the leading research agency in WA, taking on national and international work and opening an office in the UK.  We continue to take on more projects, more clients and new markets.  We’re looking for experienced market researchers who can lead projects and client relationships to help us grow to new heights.

Quite simply, we’ve got a super exciting future ahead and we’re looking for talented leaders to join our pack.

What we do.

The whole hog. What we don’t do is sell ‘off the rack’ solutions and hide behind pre-packaged products – we don’t need to. We prefer to spend our time designing solutions to solve specific individual problems.

Our team.

A broad mix of talented and sociable people who share a passion for fresh thinking and care about what they do. A fun bunch to hang around with too!

Our mojo.

Our hunger to stay on top of our game and make a real difference keeps us energised and motivated to think and work innovatively so we remain in high demand.

Who we work for.

Many different brands across sectors, including some of the biggest commercial, government and social /health clients in Australia.

How we roll.

It’s all in the inspirational traits of our namesake – the actual ‘Painted Dog’ (aka African Wild Dogs). Highly strategic and adaptable team players, with excellent intellect and communication skills. We embark on challenges and are relentless in our pursuits.  We really care about our clients and each other.

Who we’re looking for.

We’re on the hunt for people with the right smarts and the right attitude. Someone who loves the industry and can bring energy and inspiration to the team.  Someone who can lead projects, develop and sustain business. This position only suits someone who is innovative, flexible and hard working. If you want to work in a vibrant and creative environment, this could be the opportunity for you.

What you need.

To be right for this role you will need:

What you can expect.

You should get ready to:


This is an exciting time to join Painted Dog and contribute to its future.  If you have the drive and energy to succeed and want to play a key role in a dynamic organisation, then please apply!   If you don’t have any experience doing this sort of job already, please don’t bother – we only want experienced guns for this role.

We are open to all applications across Australia who are willing to live in Perth for at least 2 years with the option to either stay permanently or continue to work with us in another market.  We are open to negotiating an attractive remuneration package in line with skills and experience.  We’ll even help move you and your family to Perth if we need to.


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