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Dogs Day Off

May 23, 2024


The Pack recently had a DDO (Dog’s Day Off) – a joyous occasion where the office closes and all staff are given the day to use however they’d like, in any way that makes them happy, recharges their batteries and helps them to prioritise their wellbeing outside of work. Remember pupil-free days at school? It’s just like that, but better.  

Staff use these days in a number of ways, but a popular activity is catching up on “life admin” – dentist appointments, getting to the post office, shopping for a birthday present and generally using a regular day to beat the crowds and get ahead, all while winning back precious weekend time (which is always a win!).  

This life admin is often paired with sleep ins, leisurely brunches, beach trips, TV marathons, golf outings, exercise, getting outside and enjoying the sun and so many other fun things! Really organised staff plan trips away and have long weekend getaways with their friends and family (without the usual public holiday traffic!).  

However our DDO’s are spent, they’re always a huge bonus on the mental health scale – the opportunity to relax and recharge, and maybe even get some things checked off our to-do lists, keeps us happy and healthy. Having these days pre-planned in our calendars also helps us take full advantage of R&R, while still balancing and planning for our projects and client needs. We’re lucky to have these days scheduled throughout the whole year – just another perk of being a Painted Dog!