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Celebrating Milestones: Birthday & Anniversary Lunches at Painted Dog

April 30, 2024


At Painted Dog Research, we believe in pausing to celebrate the milestones, big or small. Our monthly Birthday & Anniversary Lunch is just one example of how we put this into practice. In April, we had a double dose of celebration as the teams in Perth and Melbourne gathered for lunch to celebrate some special occasions!

In Melbourne, we decided to spice things up (literally!) and headed out for tacos at a delicious taqueria a stone’s throw away from our office in Carlton. It was a great opportunity to celebrate Jacqui’s birthday as well as it being one year since Jared joined the Painted Dog pack (that went quick!).

A custom-designed quiz to find out who knows the most about Jared and Jacqui rounded things off nicely, including the chance to find out what was Jacqui’s worst ever birthday present?! (Spoiler alert: It was pretty terrible…!).



In Perth, the team took advantage of the much better weather and headed for an outdoor lunch at The Garden – an even shorter stone’s throw away in Leederville. The Perth team were celebrating Jillian, Marissa and Nicole’s Birthdays, as well as Calvin’s 2-year and Brynn’s 1-year anniversary! And while she couldn’t be there in person to celebrate (currently taking some well-deserved long service leave) Imogen just notched up a whopping 14 years with Painted Dog – what do they say about being part of the furniture?! 

A similar quiz was hosted in Perth, testing the pack’s knowledge on each of our Painted Dogs being celebrated for a bit of a laugh (with them, not at them!). Did you know we have a former gold exploration labourer working for us? Salt & Vinegar chips’ biggest advocate? A holiday in Langkawi lover?



Our monthly Birthday & Anniversary lunch isn’t just about marking another trip around the sun, or adding another year to your time as a pack member, it’s about taking a moment to appreciate each other, our hard work, and the bonds we’ve formed along the way. Plus, we love any excuse to get a team lunch (and a definitely NON-competitive quiz) in!


We’re looking forward to the next one – keep an eye out for what fun facts we might learn about our next round of staff in the spotlight!