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Painted Dog at this year’s ANZMAC conference!

December 9, 2022


Here at Painted Dog Research we pride ourselves on our ability to learn, engage and connect with others in the amazing industry that is market research. The 2022 ANZMAC (Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy) conference gave some of our pack members the opportunity to do just that. This is the leading marketing academic research forum in Asia Pacific, making it the perfect event for our pack to attend.

In fact, Painted Dog was a Bronze Sponsor of the ANZMAC conference this year, which was themed ‘Reconnect & Reimagine’. Our very own Dr Claudia Amonini had amazing things to say after attending:

“We are proud to be an industry sponsor of this year’s ANZMAC conference which brings together hundreds of educators, researchers, students and practitioners from across the globe, all interested in sharing their knowledge and innovations in marketing theory and research. We’ve always really valued our strong academic ties, and theory underpins a lot of what we do. It’s been a pleasure supporting and listening to tomorrow’s thought leaders on topics that are relevant to our industry and clients like sustainability, purposefulness and consumer culture.”

Our Principals put their minds together and agreed  their favourite part of this year’s ANZMAC conference was attending the Don’t Panic! An Agent-Based Model Approach to Understanding Panic Buying’ presentation, which was also the winner of ‘best paper award’!

This paper used Netlogo theoretical modelling software to identify and understand the drivers of panic buying (during a pandemic; or any situation that could create panic). Using a number of input variables and levels (e.g. Social influence; Consumer confidence in the re-stocking system; Awareness and access to alternative purchase locations, Levels of shortage that lead to panic buying, Perceived threat if item becomes unavailable, etc), they ran almost 100,000 iterations to derive the model which identified a number of interesting drivers of panic buying, which could be used to inform policy decisions or marketing communications.

The conference was an amazing and education experience for all that could attend. Painted Dog was incredibly proud to be a sponsor of the 2022 ANZMAC Conference and we can’t wait for next years’!