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National Reconciliation Week 2021

May 31, 2021


Continuing our journey of taking action…

We hope you took the time to read the first actions for reconciliation and actively considered how you plan on moving from safe to brave on issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Here are another set of actions to help you make a change – the first one we’re doing right this moment at Painted Dog!

1. Make reconciliation everyone’s business – make reconciliation part of the business of our workplace culture and decision-making. Practical, reportable actions will drive an organisation’s contribution to reconciliation  internally and in the communities in which it operates.
Safer – Start a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for your workplace.
Braver – Already have a RAP? Join your RAP Working Group.


2. Support self-determination – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples need to be in charge of decision-making and leadership for themselves and their communities.
Safer – Understand the strengths in First Nations community control in governing, health, education curricula, and media presentation.
Braver – Support and promote community-controlled and Indigenous governed organisations. Check out one of these organisations – Coalition of Peaks – and what they do here.    


3. Get your facts first-hand – inaccurate portrayals, negative stereotypes, and under-investigation and reporting on Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander issues means if you want the whole story you should start at the source.
Safer – Inform yourself with First Nations produced and created content and news. Check out and follow: NITV, Koori Mail, National Indigenous Times, IndigenousX and ABC Indigenous. An extensive list of local broadcasters can also be found here.
Braver – Speak out against and prosecute blatant racism and misinformation in mainstream media reporting.      


4. Act to protect first nations cultures – knowing, understanding and being strong in culture influences the health and well-being of First Nations peoples. Practicing culture offers mental, economic and physical strength.
Safer – Host a Reconciliation Film Club screening in your home, workplace, or school. For films to watch on demand click here. Support listen to and distribute music from Indigenous artists on IndigiTUBE and Spotify playlists like NIMA and Original Storytellers.
Braver – Support and protect Indigenous protocols in the Arts. Report cultural theft or infringements. Find out more here.


5. Support economic development – discrimination in employment, education and housing contribute to poverty today, but its roots go deep into generations of stolen wages, stolen land, historic exclusion, and discrimination.
Safer – Understand the historical causes of poverty and economic disempowerment through stolen wages dispossession, discrimination and exclusion.
Braver – Find out ways you can support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander economic development and businesses via Supply Nation when searching for contractors, suppliers and products.

Remember, make reconciliation more than a word.