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Ping Pong Tournament comes to a close

September 11, 2020

The last few weeks between writing proposals, delivering presentations, taking client calls and just generally trying to concentrate, Friday lunch times have been filled with the steady tap, tap, tap at the ping pong table. All concentration is shattered in the name of fun and the game commonly draws a crowd.

We’re not a quiet bunch so this has been quite the spectacle. Laughter, bets, bold declarations, ever-changing loyalties… Competition is not something that is ever taken lightly within these walls – everyone wants to win (some more than others).

Today it all came to an end and Liam was crowned the Ping Pong Champion (were you surprised? We were.) Just kidding Liam, well done.

A few words from the champ when asked how he felt about the win, “Just another day on top of the hill. Gets lonely up here sometimes.” What a quote. What a guy. Ping Pong Champion 2020.

Liam (reigning champ) playing second runner up Bill.
Liam (are you wearing the exact same outfit?) playing Vipes in the first week of the tournament. Not your best game, Viper. Next time.
These two win “most well matched game”. They were both awful.
Justin walks away with the “I actually won” award. There’s always one. Congrats to Andrew who was the official runner up. Not Justin.