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Dog Spotto: Emily!

May 22, 2020

Fridays are Staff Spotlight days! We throw the spotlight onto one of our Painted Dogs and they answer the questions you’ve always wanted to know! This week’s spotlight falls on Emily; we gave her a few fun questions to answer so take a read below to get to know her a little better!

What five songs/bands would feature on a Spotify playlist about you? Why those ones in particular?

Shania Twain – reminds me of my childhood. Her music was constantly on repeat. Her 1999 live concert DVD got a big workout at our house. She is also the artist I’ll have no regrets asking the DJ to play.

The Kooks – my all time favourite band. These guys I fangirl over. I’ve seen them live every time they’ve come to Australia. I think I’ve seen them 5 times now and I’d go back again.

Ocean Alley – just amazing musicians plus they’re from the Northern Beaches in Sydney which is my hometown.

I could only think of 3!!

Morning or evening person, why is that?

This is easy. Morning person. I did swim training at 5am 6 days a week from a young age and it’s just drilled into me. My version of a sleep in is 7.30am otherwise I’m burning daylight. Whenever I had sleepovers, I would just have to sit there twiddling my thumbs waiting for my friends to wake up, it was most annoying haha. But I’m sure they could say the same about my wake up time. The mornings are beautifully still in Perth and makes going for a walk with the dog very peaceful.

Who was your favorite teacher in school and why?

Mrs Mitchell, my modern history teacher. She was equally passionate about her teaching as well as motivating and supporting us as students to succeed. She would go the extra mile for her students. I was lucky enough to have her in my final year at school, in a class with only 8-9 other girls and became a very tight-knit group. I have a fond memory at the end of the Winter semester, sitting as a group around the heater doing the lesson as it was so cold. It was always a class I enjoyed going to!

If you weren’t working in market research, what would you be doing?

I’ve often thought about working in public policy. I am extremely passionate about making a positive difference so being able to develop and implement policy in complex contemporary settings would be extremely rewarding.