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The pack grows larger!

March 6, 2020

This week, we added two new members to our growing pack – welcome Sean and Ivan!

We’re so excited to have Sean and Ivan join us as Account Executives, both bringing their experience in marketing and a keen interest in research. And as Painted Dog keeps expanding into more and more areas and businesses in more and more parts of Australia, it’s come at just the right time!

Sean has recently finished a Double Major degree in Marketing and Management from the University of Notre Dame. He describes himself as a hard worker and someone who will always have your back.

Ivan just wrapped up a Masters of Research from UWA, where he also tutored in Applied Market Research and Marketing Management. Ivan describes himself as someone who is a good listener and facilitator, and a big team player.

Two new hard working team players who will always have our backs and know a LOT about marketing and research? Sounds like the perfect fit to us!


Today we sat down with both of them to ask a few questions about their first week and what they’re most looking forward to…

1. Why Painted Dog? What attracted you to the team?

Sean: “Painted Dog is renowned for working with some of the largest and most important companies within vital industries locally and across Australia. This is only due to hard work and a commitment to excellence and as I began my career, it was important to me to hone my high standards of work within a dynamic team with the same mindset.”

Ivan: “Painted Dog leads the pack when it comes to market research in WA, so why not start at the top! The environment, the innovation and the drive to be the best attracted me to join the pack!”

2. What are you most excited about and looking forward to?

Sean: “I am hugely excited by the opportunity to work with great companies to help them reach their goals. But most importantly, I look forward to making positive relationships with colleagues and clients and involving myself within the culture of Painted Dog.”

Ivan: “I’m most excited to just learn about all aspects of market research. I’m looking forward to jumping into projects I’m really interested in, but also areas that I know nothing about. The opportunity to learn is the most exciting thing.”

3. What was the highlight of your first week at Painted Dog?

Sean: “There is a massive amount of information to learn and utilise in my new position and at times it has been out my comfort zone. However, the biggest highlight has been how helpful and welcoming the Painted Dog team has been in involving me in the great culture and invigorating work that we do.”

Ivan: “The highlight of my first week was the work environment. The warm welcome, the friendly faces and the willingness to take you onboard is the highlight for my first week.”

4. Best piece of advice you were given by a PDR staff member?

Sean: “I have been given a plethora of excellent advice from the entire team at Painted Dog, but the best piece has been to ask questions. There is no better way to get to know a business than to ask as many questions as possible and doing so has helped me greatly in understanding the company and how I fit in to our broader goals.”

Ivan: “I’ve received so much useful advice this week but I think the best piece was that it is okay to feel overwhelmed and lost – to take this opportunity to learn and try as many things as I can.”


Needless to say, we think these two are going to do amazing things at Painted Dog, and we’re lucky to have them! Good luck to both of you, and thanks for joining the pack!