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Digging deeper to help make our roads safer

July 10, 2019


Last year, Seven West Media and the Road Safety Commission launched a unique new campaign called Zero Excuses. The aim of the campaign was to get Western Australian drivers thinking about how the decisions they make on the road have the potential to devastate families and even take someone’s life.

Painted Dog played a crucial role in the campaign, facilitating a survey with over 6,500 Western Australian drivers to gain an understanding of biggest issues and risks on WA roads.

This year, Zero Excuses has returned with an even harder hitting message. Real-life victims of road trauma bravely agreed to feature in the ads and tell their story, to wake drivers up to the very real consequences of their actions.

It’s not easy to find victims of road trauma willing to be in TV commercial, but true to our vision of “Making a positive difference in everything we do” we went well beyond the call of duty of a research agency to help Seven West do it. We found Carolyn who’d tragically lost her father to a crash caused by a distracted driver. We then connected her with Seven West and Carolyn’s story is now the lead ad in the campaign.

Carolyn’s story is heartbreaking, but it’s an important one to tell the WA driving community. We’re extremely proud of our role in helping Seven West Media bring attention to this growing issue to make drivers think harder about the consequences of their actions.

To see the full campaign, click here.