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Take your dog to work!

June 29, 2017

Painted Dog Research has heavily participated in the June 23rd “Take your Dog to Work Day” this year and it’s been a lot of fun! Painted Dog has attracted a lot of animal lovers over the years and there’s nothing we love more than showing off our beautiful pooches (sorry to those with cats and horses and other pets that couldn’t really participate – the pats and attention you gave were appreciated though!).

So there wasn’t complete mayhem we decided to split the dogs up over the week and really extend the ‘dog-time’ we could have. There was a very noticeable lift in enthusiasm and positivity around the office and the dogs (both pets and staff) seemed to enjoy themselves. Take a look at the pics of each day below!

Tuesday: Bella

Bella joined us on Tuesday and her beautiful calm demeanor made her an instant hit! Her heavy breathing in the afternoon was slightly distracting but I’m sure every office has one of those, right? Just kidding, she’d just been for a long walk.

Wednesday: Fox

This adorable Husky / Rottweiler / Staffy mix was born for office life! He was quiet and friendly – the perfect co-worker!

Thursday: Scarlet

As the author of this blog it is my duty to provide an unbiased account of our office events… but between you and me, if we’d been giving out awards this week, Scarlet would have won them. The awards would not have included “Best Bladder Control” however.

Friday: Teddy

Aimee invited her Nephew Teddy to join us and what a little gentleman he was! He added to the ‘small dog’ quota and it was nice to have a little fluffy running around! He was a very happy little soul.

Monday: Zoe (We had such an overwhelming response our TYDTW event extended into the following week!)

Beautiful Zoe came in for a half day with the Dogs and for a young placid pup she made sure she vetted everyone before they entered the office! It was like having a model strutting around on those long graceful legs.

Wednesday: Oscar

And the Oscar goes to…Claudia and Justin’s fur-child joined us on Wednesday and again was the perfect little office buddy. He trotted around and enjoyed visiting us all at our desks and was rather partial to a quick game!

Take your Dog to Work Day is a concept that started in 1999 and was created by Pet Sitters International.