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We’ve been around the track a few times

May 11, 2017

The social schedule the past 12 months has been on fire at Painted Dog! We have a dedicated team that run our social events and plan all of our fun excursions whether they be degustations, high tea, laser tag… this time we found ourselves at the Go-Kart track to try our skills against each other: no dogs were harmed during this exercise. Egos are a different story. Points to Aimee who was the only employee to follow instructions and submit a ‘race name’ [Speedy Smythe].

Here is a classy photo of Huw and Justin modelling the provided hair nets prior to donning their helmets:

The track:

The results of the third lap (and competition!):

Chris (unsurprisingly) the winner, followed by Jess and Stevo. Well done guys!