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You whinny some, you lose some

November 23, 2015


Melbourne Cup never disappoints at Painted Dog. The race that stops the nation is a highly contested event that we all look forward to, and 2015 was no different. The dogs gathered together after client presentations and meetings at the Italian restaurant Lalla Rookh in the city – and for the first time in PDR Melbourne Cup festivity history, we were placed at the table with the best view of the flatscreen (it had to happen one year!)  and therefore didn’t struggle to see or hear the race.

As the horses thundered around the track we watched whilst clutching our ticket stubs excitedly – some holding more than others (Garreth bet on almost every horse)… then the race was over. There were some exultant cries from the Painted Dog table as winners jubilantly raised their tickets for all to see with what can only be described as an air of gloating triumph. The losers around the table (myself included) began looking around for the food to arrive, and Lalla Rookh did not disappoint!

Melbourne Cup is always a great day for us to come together as a team and experience the fun surrounding the Race, catch up, swap stories and have a good laugh 🙂