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Work hard, play hard!

November 25, 2014

The weather is not the only thing heating up at the moment… what a month November has been! Amidst a hectic reporting period the team couldn’t help but have a little fun along the way.

The Dogs left the office to watch the Horses, enjoying a very scrumptious Cup meal at The Trustee…




Garreth was the winner of the company sweeps and whilst he won’t be paying off his mortgage with the winnings, he looks very appreciative! Don’t spend it all at once, Garreth!

Picture 3

Lake Monger was put to good use yet again for a team walk… some more than others had to be told it wasn’t a race..


Sarah raised no flags (ha,ha) in her citizenship test and became a true Aussie!! Congratulations Sarah!! She loyally proclaimed she will always be an All Blacks fan and has no plans to be a die-hard AFL supporter…