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Melbourne Cup Day At The Raffles

November 10, 2011

Although it seems like an age ago, it was only last week that the Painted Dog team went to the Raffles in Applecross to eat and drink a lot celebrate the Melbourne Cup.

A few people won money, lots of laughs were had and the hardy few retired to the downstairs bar after lunch to continue the socialising.

A few pictures to commemorate the day: Garreth, Sarah and Anna show the dress standards we at Painted Dog meet every day –

Garreth, Sarah and Anna enjoy the Raffles

Jacinta and Justin enjoy their time at the Raffles:

Jacinta and Justin in-between courses

Claudia, Russell and Garreth pose for the camera:

Claudia, Russell and Garreth

Sally and Sandra seated side-by-side:

Sally and Sandra

Lauren and Huw, in between courses and cocktails:

Lauren and Huw