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Good bye old office, hello new people!

May 5, 2010

A shade over four weeks ago Painted Dog bid farewell to its original Northbridge office and hello to its new Leederville office. Both are on Newcastle Street so it wasn’t the longest of trips, but the offices are certainly worlds apart in terms of what they offer both to Painted Dog and to our clients.

For instance, we now have on-premises viewing facilities so that focus groups can be held here, with Leederville providing easy parking options for both clients and group participants. Plus Jus Burger is right around the corner, so you can watch a focus group while eating a delicious (if messy) wagyu beef burger!

However, in memory of the old office, here are some pics of how it looked back in the day. Cue the dreamy music and reminisce…

Chris' Desk

Chris at Work

Justin Office

Huw's Desk

Also, we’d like to give a big new-blog welcome to Painted Dog’s newest recruits, Timmie and Michelle. They have been around a few months (and have promised to stick around at least a few more!) and have been a great addition to the ever-growing Painted Dog team.